Cannondale Tandems are BACK! Cannondale's passion is to be the best bicycle company in the world. Their focus is on people, the people who work for Cannondale, and the people who buy their fine bicycles. Quite simply, Cannondale wants to build the tandem that you've dreamed about! It’s their obsession to do so.

After missing the 2013 model year, Cannondale is BACK! For 2014, they’re now producing tandems in 3 different models and many different frame sizes. Their frames are still all aluminum, and they have redesigned their tubesets to make their ride even better. If you’ve been waiting for a new Cannondale tandem, wait no more. Come see us and test ride the all-new Cannondale tandem
Road Tandem 1

The RT1 is Cannondale’s flagship Road Tandem. It’s equipped with the best componentry Cannondale has ever offered on a tandem, including FSA SLK carbon cranks, disk brakes on both wheels, and a Gates timing belt. Not does it look good, it goes fast, too!

Size: M/S, L/S, XL/S, and J/M
Color: Jet Black w/Magnesium white decals

Road Tandem 2

The RT2 shares the same frameset as the RT1, with with slightly down-spec’ed componentry. This allows a team to enjoy Cannondale’s great ride, but at a lower price point, and without making any major compromises. No, it doesn’t offer the carbon crankset or the Gates drive belt, but it is still a great buy with a sharp paintset.

Size: M/S, L/S, XL/S, and J/M
Color: Magnesium white w/red & black decals


This all-new model  is a hardtail/rigid fork bike designed to go wherever you want to take it. 40-spoke 29” wheels, Magura brakes, a Shimano drive train, and sharp looking paint job lets folks know you have arrived in style!

Size: M, L
Color: Jet black w/green & white decals

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