Santana only builds tandems, and no one builds more. They're not the least expensive tandems -- they don't pretend to be. They are all exceptional tandems that may cost a little more than the competition, but Santana believes with all their heart and soul that no tandem offers more for your dollar than a Santana. Strong, lightweight frames, unique tandem-specific components, and remarkably effective frame geometry keep the 2017 Santana line at the forefront as the most advanced line-up Santana has ever produced.

For 2017, Santana is continuing its mission to refine their nomenclature, with each class of tandems referring to their intended use and componentry. Of course, most tandems, except those in the “Sport” class, can be ordered with optional upgraded componentry so that you can have the Santana that’s just right for you! And you can have it in the color you wish. No longer are you limited to just a few “plain ol’ colors”, as you have been in the past, or with other manufacturers. Now, your Santana color choices are almost limitless!

After deciding that a new Santana is right for you, your next choice is what frame material is best for me? Then what component package is right? And finally, what color do I want? We’re here to help you make those decisions, and, once we’re done, you’ll have the new Santana of your dreams!

Come see us, and let us help you determine which Santana tandem is right for you!

Sport Tandems

Looking for Santana quality in a neighborhood bike? One that is great for a ride to the park, and also ready for the ride to the beach or on the trails? Consider a Santana Smooth! The Smooth gets its name from that “smooth” rear hub with no external gears, only a twist-grip to set the right ratio for your ride. Need a bit more power? Give it a twist! Can’t get the hang of no distinct gears, but still want an internally-geared bike without derailleurs? Go for the Smooth Ltd with its Rohloff rear hub and 14 speeds!


Smooth (26”)

Smooth Ltd (26”)

Size: S/L

Colors: Orange, Green, Blue
Classic Tandems

Ready hit the road on a comfortable bike, but don’t want to break the bank to get there? The Santana Classics (Arriva and the Nuovo Sport) can fill the bill for you. The Arriva’s steel frame absorbs road shock like no other, and the aluminum frame of the Nuovo Sport feels almost the same, but without the weight of a steel frameset. The Classic parts pack was chosen for these bikes to help keep the price down while still providing a trouble-free tandem experience.


Arriva (700c – steel frame)

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Std Colors: Monaco Red, Dolomite Blue


Nuovo Sport (700c – Easton aluminum frame)
Size:  Small, Medium, Large
Std Colors:  Monaco Red, Dolomite Blue, Black


Std Parts Pack: Classic

Common options:  Gates beltdrive, 10” Disk Brake
Intermediate Tandems

Some folks want a great ride and Perfect-10 shifting. For these folks Santana is offering the Spirit, an improved Sovereign with its scandium frame, and the Ti-700. Santana’s Elite components, combined with one of  these frames, yield a tandem that many consider the best ride you can find. In fact, folks have said that Santanas ride like they are on rails!


Spirit (700c – niobium steel frame)

Sovereign (700c – scandium frame)


Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Std Colors:  Call for available color choices from the Carizzma book


Std Parts Pack: Elite, including Carbon Fiber fork

Common options: Gates beltdrive, 10” Disk Brake, Shimano Di2 shifters
Elite Tandems

Santana is always looking to improve the ride of their tandems and the overall experience of a owning/riding a tandem. For 2017, the Elite Tandems features a new open-frame designe, with all-new tubesets and major componentry. New in this category is the wide-range 2x11 carbon crankeset & drivetrain.


eSCape (700c – scandium frame)

Ti-700 (700c – titanium frame)

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Std Colors:  Call for available color choices from the Carizzma book


Std Parts Pack: Elite, including Carbon Fiber fork

Common options: Gates beltdrive, 10” Disk Brake, Shimano Di2 shifters
Team Tandems


Carbon Tandems

Santana has re-classified the Beyond line of tandems from “competition” bikes to simply “Carbon Tandems”.. While the Beyond does make a great competition  bike, it makes a “wow” of a touring bike! The carbon midsections of all the major frame tubes, bonded to titanium headtubes and seattubes makes for a lightweight, great handling tandem. And Competition parts pack (also shared with the Team bikes) makes sure those miles pass by quickly and without problems. Add the special “PHD” lugs found on the Beyond “PHD” and you have what many consider the absolute best tandem on the road today!


Beyond (700c w/Isogrid)

Beyond PHD (700c w/Isogrid & PHD lug-design)

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Std Colors:  Nude/Titanium


Std Parts Pack: Competition, including Carbon Fiber Fork
Common options:  Gates beltdrive, 10” Disk Brake, Shimano Di2 shifters
Stowaway Tandems

Coupler-equipped models allow you to take your full-size tandem with you. Why compromise the ride with small wheels or short top tubes? Couplers can be added to any steel, aluminum, or titanium (including the Beyond) model Santana tandem


For those folks who can't decide between a triplet (or quad) for the entire family, or a Stow-away tandem for those romantic getaways or tours for just the two of you, the Cabrio may be the answer you've been searching for. It is a triplet (or quad) that can be transformed into a tandem (or triplet) by simply removing the center section(s) of the frame and reconnecting the cables and chains. It's that simple!

Other Mult-seat Bicycles Santana also builds bicycles with more than 2 seats. Call us to learn more about Santana's triplets, quads, quints, hex (Yes, Santana builds bikes w/6(!) seats)!

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