Other Tandems

In 2017, we decided to concentrate our efforts on Santana and Co-Motion tandems. These were the first two manufacturers of fine tandems that we originally represented, back in 1984. Although we are (and always have been) a major dealer for both Santana and Co-Motion tandems, we do have tandems in stock from other manufacturers. These are all very fine tandems (and tandem frames), and if they're the right fit for you, you won't be sorry you purchased one of these bikes from us! Of course, if we sell it, we'll stand behind it!

Bilenky Frameset

19x16, designed for 700c wheels (yep, it is possible!). A beautiful blue & white fade finish. Steel frame, fork, and eccentric, ready to be built into a complete tandem with the components of your choice.

Bushnell Frameset

22x21 aluminum frame, with carbon fiber fork & aluminum eccentric. Painted a beautiful Silver to Rose fade. Slightly longer stoker toptube, so the stoker will have a bit more room behind her captain. Ready to build into a complete tandem with the components youi pick.

Calfee Tetra Tetra Frameset

22x20 carbon frame with carbon fork, nude finish so there's no question you're riding a carbon tandem. With the right components, you can build this frame into a bike that weighs less than many older steel single "10-speeds".

Cannondale RT1
We have one (and only one) Cannondale RT1 remaining. This black beauty w/red trim has an Ultegra drive train (3x10), with FSA-SLK (Carbon Fiber) cranks and a carbon fiber Gates belt instead of a timing chain. J/M in size, this bike is just the right size for a tall captain and a normal size stoker!
Cannondale RT2
This RT2 sports a M/S frame is the just right for short teams. White w/red hi-lites, the RT2 comes standard with Shimano 105 derailleurs and an FSA Gossamer alloy crankset. Sealed bearing bottom brackets and hubs and Avid disk brakes complete this package, perfect for the discerning rider who doesn't want to break the bank, but does want a fine new tandem

Cannondale RT2

Our last RT2 is a J/M. It's large frarme is designed for taller captain/stoker teams, and the oversized aluminum frametubes used by Cannondale keep the ride responsive w/minumal flex. Standard Shimano 105 drive train with FSA Gossamer alloy crankset and Avid disk brakes front and rear.

Co-Motion - Santana