Looking for a new or used tandem? Tandems, Ltd is the place to look. We've been in business since 1984, but our love for tandems goes back to the early 70's. Once we started to specialize in tandems, it made sense to do just that! It's 2017, and today we're focusing on just two brands of tandems, Santana & Co-Motion. We believer these two manufacturers make the best production tandems in the US. Tho' not listed, we can also help you with Sun adult trikes and Sun Recumbent trikes. We believe this approach allows us to have a great selection of new tandems and reucmbents available, with models for nearly every budget. We keep many sizes, colors, and models from these two great manufactures. (No, that doesn't mean we stock every size, color, model from Santana or Co-Motion.) We also offer custom tandems from Co-Motion & Santana, too.
Co-Motion Tandems Looking for a lightweight steel or aluminum tandem with the precise handling of a fine single? Co-Motion may be where you'll find your dream tandem! Want to take it with you? Co-Motion offers that, too! You'll also find models w/carbon fibre forks and Rolf wheels, standard!!
Santana Tandems Since 1976, Santana has been the recognized leader in tandem design and research. No other manufacturer produces as many quality tandems each year. And Santana makes tandems to fit any needs -- steel, aluminum, titanium, even a carbon fiber/titanium composite. Rigid frames or coupled frames. Whatever you need, you'll find it in the Santana tandem line-up.
Other tandems Even though we're concentrating our efforts in 2017 with these two fantastic manufacturers, that doesn't mean that's all you'll find at Tandems, Ltd. Follow this link to see what other brands we might have on the floor! We're always looking/buying other tandems to see how they compare. And if we sell it, we stand behind it!